Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Monday, April 18, 2011


I am imperfect,
like you.
I am flawed ,
like you.
I have sinned,
like you.
I am not self righteous.
I do not preach.
I do not judge.
I dream,
I believe,
in the goodness,
that we are born with.
Before abuse chains the soul,
before prejudice is taught,
before judgment is echoed.
The goodness lies in the core,
waiting to be extracted.
In fierce eyes,
resides a soft heart,
anger transformed into inner peace.
There are disappointments along the way,
there are those that do not change,
but sometimes it happens.
Those times makes me believe,
faith fuels my desire,
faith nourishes my soul.


  1. smiles. yes we are all much the same...and yes we get jacked up along the way and times get tough but i think we retain it through grace...

  2. I agree. We are all good at our core and it's the ways we've been hurt that can either harden of soften us. Grace and faith are available to us all. xox

  3. I concur. Without faith, I would be nowhere. I would feel nothing. I would be nothing.

    Great post ayala!!!

  4. AMEN! Well said and from the heart.

  5. We are human, we are imperfect, but the belief that we can always do and be better is a sustaining and wonderful one.

    Absolutely lovely, ayala.

  6. oh, so true. is the driving force. very well expressed, Ayala!

  7. Sometimes faith is all that gets me through the day ... faith in myself to be stronger, faith that tomorrow will be better, faith that change can happen. Sometimes. Perfect title.

  8. Amen to this -- wants me to re-examine my reasons and actions.

    Do I preach? Do I judge?

    Great food for thought and inspiration here.



  9. yes. we all fall far short of who we were meant to be... but there is hope in grace through faith...

  10. Smiles, Brian. Grace is the answer....

  11. Tessa, grace and faith we all need some...xo

  12. Thank you, Alita. Keep the faith. :-)

  13. Thank you, Talon. I believe we keep growing through life....

  14. Thank you, Stacia. Sometimes, those times is what matters....

  15. The first lines remind me of Maya Angelou -- we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.

  16. Belinda, I just read it...and enjoyed it. I think it's true we are more alike than unlike .