Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Remember

I watch you sleeping,
powder blue pajamas,
"shark territory"
printed on them.
I remember,
a few years ago
your hair was golden,
in the sun.
You ran into the ocean
delighted in a leaf that you found.
It was orange, yellow, and green,
like a butterfly you said.
You followed hermit crabs
and sea urchins.
You giggled when a big wave
came to caress you.
I remember,
grandpa with his fishing net,
daddy with his fishing rod,
and you a born fisherman.
I remember,
a mother always remembers.


  1. smiles. yes a mother does and what sweet are all about discovery, finding new when parents actually engage in it with them....

  2. Oh, that picture tugged at my heart. I don't take enough pictures, and I need to. Your words have inspired me to dust off that camera.

  3. Brian, it goes by so fast....I love those memories, he would always discover great treasures :) I still have that leaf...I know I am crazy but he gave it to me and I saved it in my journal...

  4. Awwww Kitch, I am glad this inspired you to dust off your camera.

  5. I love your words. They touch my heart.

  6. This is so made me cry. Thanks ayala!! lol
    Seriously, I probably needed the tears. "I remember" also...and as the kids have grown older the time has gone faster. I try to store all the treasures in my heart.
    Thanks for the beautiful poem.

  7. Thank you, Kristi. As they grow older we try to hold on to every minute...because we don't want to let go....

  8. a very beautiful "remembrance" indeed!
    for a mother, her kid tends to become her whole world..!!

    Wonderful words woven together!
    Hugs xox

  9. Thank you, Olivia. They are the world !

  10. This was lovely. It brought back some gorgeous memories of my three as little ones. Thank you for that!

  11. aww you got me sentimental there ... I think of my son now :)