Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Friday, December 10, 2010


The tree glowing in this home,
warms our hearts and our souls.
There is another tree at school,
with angels dangling from colorful strings,
sweet children with their gift wishes.
They do not ask for much,
a shirt,shoes,pants,and socks.
I question need over a desire,
I question how little they want.
I pick angels off the tree
as if I am picking dreams.
My heart is filled with gratitude
imagining Christmas morning at their house,
When they unwrap shinny gift wrapping.
Their eyes twinkle to a surprise
a  present that they didn't expect,
a game to share with siblings,
Yellow,red,green,Legos to build.
A book to lift them away
to a place of sheer joy.
As I think and I dream,
I am the one being given
the gift of my soul soaring.


  1. This is a beautiful image, Ayala. I will hold this vision in my heart because I find that my son gets easily disappointed over his gifts and wishes he had asked for something else.

    And you are right, the act of giving is the best part!

  2. I LOVE this poem. It is so amazing how little they ask for, I'm sure it does make their gratitude so much larger. Thanks for that picture!

  3. the giver receives as much as the givee. thanks for the reminder of what it's all about really.

  4. Thank you, Molly . It makes me sad that there are children that have no presents to open on Christmas morning!

  5. Thank you,Caroline! I think you are right ,these children have a deep sense of gratitude.

  6. Thanks, Brook! I feel so thrilled that I can make a difference !

  7. Hi, Ayala - I chose two of the Salvation Army angels from the tree at our local big box store. Both of them belong to boys the same ages as my sons. I'm hoping that the act of buying simple gifts for other children who have so little will help them appreciate how much they have. (And, like you, I couldn't resist supplementing their humble requests for basic clothing with a few treats. I truly hope that our small gesture puts a big smile on their faces. I know wrapping those gifts put a big smile on mine.)

  8. Kristen,
    I feel the way you do, I get so excited thinking how happy those things will make them. I usually pick boys the age of my fourth grader,but last year there were so many angels left on the tree that I picked girl angels as well . I also want to welcome you, I appreciate you stoping by :)

  9. A beautiful reminder that something so small can mean so much.

  10. Giving fills my heart with joy, too.

  11. My oldest is now four and we keep trying to help him understand that its better to give than receive. I think its a life-long lesson :)

  12. I think it's a great lesson,Sara. I also believe they learn by example :)

  13. Giving, what a gift. Lovely post.

  14. As Molly says, giving is the best part.

    "I pick angels off the tree
    as if I am picking dreams."

    Reading those words made me cry.

  15. Thank you, Mel! I feel honored that it moved you!