Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Friday, October 8, 2010

Out of the ashes

I am burdened
when you ask
about things I long to forget.
I am uneasy about the things
that make me bow my head.
It's been now a long time that I
hold my head up  high.
The storms of my mind
the scars of my soul
have led me on this journey.
I peeled away the hurt,
I soared to new heights
to love you,
to find a home in your soul.
I have found you
and loving you
gave me strength to love myself again.
It gave me strength to find the little girl in me
the girl that struggled
when she could escape.
The girl that suffered
when she could dance.
I rose from the ashes
and I found the way.
I was beaten
but never weak
I crawled from the trench
and stood victorious.
I became free
free from the past.
I unchained myself
and I could fly.
Fly to new heights
I could rise and touch the clouds.
I am here today
because of yesterday
tomorrow I will be even better.


  1. Ayala, what a lovely poem about ongoing triumph! Thanks for sharing your poetry with us.

  2. Belinda, thank you ! I appreciate your support!!