Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Sunday, August 22, 2010


My mother in-law was in church praying when her house was broken into. She was at church when her peace of mind was invaded and her world was violated. Someone entered uninvited . Someone  walked into this clean peaceful home and walked up the stairs. The stairs adorned with family photographs. Four generations of smiling faces hung on the wall.There is even a photograph of my mother in law's father after he saved himself and he rescued a train of Armenian children that were headed to death if it wasn't for his courage and spirit.
Someone had come into this house and they took a box of jewelry. Sentimental items that were gifts for different occasions. Another box was taken, a box of award pins that were given for excellence at work and charitable work at the church. Fun jewelry was taken,necklaces that my sister in law played with when she was a child. Necklaces that she thought that she would share in play with her own daughter. Colorful necklaces of reds and purples, the kind of necklaces that make little girls feel special.
This someone took her computer. The computer had the story of the family history that she's been attempting to capture through memory. A history to leave behind for the next generation. Her computer which is a link to family and friends through email and facebook. My little one asked me who would do such a thing and I answered a bad person that's who. There was no hesitation in my reply and there was no doubt in my mind.

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