Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Thursday, August 25, 2016


There was a comfort
knowing that I could hear 
your voice,
melt into your arms,
watch the shadows cast
on your face
and know how to bring
light into your eyes.
There was comfort in loving,
in living,
in a shared meal,
an anecdote,
in silent moments.
There was comfort 
I no longer find,
the one I felt in your womb 
or your gentle hand
on my burning forehead 
when I was sick.
I have no church or synagogue
to find refuge in.
I seek the museums 
of the world
where we once walked 
I walk alone.
In their splendor
I feel you like a gentle wind
beside me,
urging me to see the magnificence. 
The art fills my soul
with curiosity and wonder.
I find you there,
loving me,
giving me the will
to find the essence
in the beauty of this life.


  1. A lovely tribute to your mom Ayala.

  2. What a lovely tribute... especially seeking the museums of the world... and that longing seen in art...

  3. What a loving tribute to your mother, Ayala. From what I read in your poem, you do not have to look for her in the places you frequented or in the memories you shared because she is in you.


  4. What a magnificent bond you shared. Lovely poem and adorable photo.

  5. giving me the will
    to find the essence
    in the beauty of this life

    There is the beauty of hope to fulfill the desires and expectations of a lonely heart.


  6. How perfectly the words flow in telling of this beautiful bond

    Happy Sunday Ayala

    much love...

  7. This is so beautiful and moving. Yes, a mother's love is so deep, and comforting. You must miss her so much but I believe, as you do, "I feel you like a gentle wind beside me"..........willing you to find the beauty and joy in this life. Gorgeous, Ayala.

  8. It can be so hard when we lose loved ones, but if we are lucky, we continue to feel them close to us--beautiful write Ayala!

  9. So poignant, beautifully moving

  10. The entire world is the speaker's church, memories her scriptures... I love this piece, for it speaks of the terrible pain (the horrid emptiness) that comes with loss. And it reminds us that although things have change and hearts have been lost, the memories are forever... to cultivate, to cherish, to feed to our living poems.

  11. Your memories sustain you through difficult times. Carry them with you always. A treasure for you alone in times of darkness.

  12. love's pouring out in this beautiful tribute touches...

  13. What a beautiful memoir this is to your Mom, Ayala.

  14. And you have captured that love so tenderly here Ayala - beautiful and the photo shows much love too

  15. I'm glad you have found solace in art. I'm still looking for where to find my mom, who I just lost this month. Here is my "mommy" poem:

  16. Lovely tribute to your mom, Ayala. Thinking of you during this time, my friend. Sending lots of love. xo

  17. Touching me deeply as I journey with my mother in her end-of-life, though she doesn't seem to be in any hurry! I know that her loss will be like yours and processed with the help of poetry. We are blessed to have had such good mothers.

  18. Very lovely. I think the presence of a good mother resides within all the days of one's life.....