Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Somalia's Footprints- Blog Action Day

Footprints in the sand,
refugees seeking life,
they walk in the desert miles and miles,
to find water.
Malnourished children,
food is a luxury they dream of,
childhood is another.
I hear their voices in the desert,
a scorched landscape
is their world.
On the wings of hope they walk,
leaving footprints in the sand.
They struggle in silence,
they struggle with grace.
In our world,
I watch neighbors squander water,
sprinklers run as flowers wilt.
I think of a nation with footprints in the sand.
Can you see ?
Can you feel ?
Will you stand for action ?

My friend, Brian Miller brought it to our attention that today is Blog Action Day-Thank you, Brian.


  1. What a beautiful reminder that we should live simply so that others may simply live.

  2. oo good line helen...

    nice humbling piece...yes i feel...right in the heart...hard to think of food being a luxury you know but it is...and the wings of grace line and the

  3. This is beautiful, Ayala! So glad you joined in the Blog Action Day, too :) It's true that we are so wasteful with our abundance. I want to do more. I suppose awareness comes first.

  4. Very touching and well written as always. Thank you for sharing this with us Ayala!

  5. to think of childhood as a "luxury" - yet it is tragically true. and so easy for us to help them, through even a small amount donated to organizations like Compassion and the like...

  6. Thank you, Lori. Awareness is the first step.

  7. Leslie, it's sad to know that this is a reality to so many.

  8. Rudri, the reality of this is heartbreaking.

  9. Love this and a wake up call for sure. Uh on my blog was about gluten- not exactly action oriented. Thank you for the reminder.

  10. Thank you, Lauren. You are kind.