Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Important Lesson

At the end of the training session of Kung Fu junior class, the trainer concludes with these words,"learn kindness, learn respect, learn Kung Fu."She follows it with a question, "what is Kung Fu?". The children answer in unison "hard work". Their voices overflowing with confidence and pride which they have amassed in this class. It seems like that is a simple universal concept and yet is it? Everyday lessons in life should include kindness, respect, and hard work. I know that these instructors implement what they teach. I can't help thinking about a boy that trains in class. He comes to class alone. He is diligent in his practice, he is focused on his tasks. When class is over he runs out to the far end of the parking lot where a lone, dark car awaits him. I have not seen anyone come to watch him, yet he is passionate. He glides, he soars, he thrives. I find his determination and drive,inspiring. Other children are applauded through every step, they are photographed and videotaped, and they are cheered by their parents. This is where I see , the lesson in kindness being practiced. The instructors encourage, mentor and extend kindness to the young boy . He respects his teachers and his peers and excels and grows as a person. The lessons taught by Sifu (the head instructor) and his team are of personal growth, health and well being. In addition to self defense,physical fitness, and Chinese culture, they instill a moral compass to guide the children through life. As I watch my son, I silently cheer for this young boy. My heart captures it all. The voice in my head echos,"learn kindness, learn respect, learn Kung Fu." A lesson for us all.

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