Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Boat Sleeps In The Boatyard

The boat sleeps in the boatyard.

When the moon rises,
the boat tells the trees and the frogs

stories about her boy

and his grandpa.

The boat carries them

through waves that gently rock her.

The boat is silent but she feels

and she hears.

Grandpa showed the boy

how to tie a knot.

How to lure a fish to his line.

How the birds in the sky are the guides.

Grandpa showed the boy

how to watch the tide.

How to ride the waves,
 when they rock the boat up and down.

Grandpa knows the ocean
the way he knows the wide eyed boy.

Grandpa’s hands are large and rugged
The boy’s are small and tender.

At night
the trees listen,

the crickets sing,
the frogs dive into puddles.

They wait and anticipate the joyous tales

the boat will tell about the day.


  1. This is wonderful. Lucky boy, to have a grandpa like that. (I can see a book of poems to Aiden one of these days. What a gift that would be.)

  2. ❤️Your greatest poem ever!!❤️

  3. This is a wonderful poem of bonding.

  4. What a lovely bond Ayala. So many stories to tell, I would say!

  5. This has a picture book feel to it. I can almost see these words illustrated with cheerful watercolor images of the grandpa, boy, and boat.

    1. Thank you, Rommy. I am actually thinking about it :)

  6. Such a lovely way of diving into memories. Precious ones.

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