Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Aiden Three Laps Around The Sun

The blue wood maracas laid 
on the piano where we left them.
The spider frightened you
but not the dragonfly.
You weave sentences into a
continuous conversation.
You walk with the confidence
of a boy who is loved,
  a boy kissed by the sun and the moon.
Three years old
and life is unfolding 
with deep seeds of love
and knowledge ingrained in your being.
We walk side by side,
our friendship magnified 
by every magical story told,
with games that soothe wounds.
Engaging in questions,
delighting in the solutions.
Discovering new quests,
creating new dreams.
Life amplified with 
endless possibilities.


  1. So much possibility for a 3-year-old! This is cute and heartfelt.

  2. Delightful dear Ayala - revisiting today renminded me just how poerfully evocative and lyrical your writing so consistently is... Always a pleasure to read you...

    1. Thank you, Scott. I appreciate your kindness.

  3. This is such a moving poem, Ayala!❤️

  4. Your poem is so full of joy, Ayala, and your lovely little boy, especially in the lines:
    ‘You walk with the confidence
    of a boy who is loved,
    a boy kissed by the sun and the moon.’

  5. Walking with the confidence of a boy loved, kissed by the sun and lovely.

  6. My grandchildren grew up 3000 miles away from me, and I missed those wonderful times you describe. Savor every moment!

  7. Those deep seeds are so important. We learn more before the age of six then the rest of our lives. Enjoy every moment with him, knowing how much positive influence you have.

  8. This poem is emotional with so much imagery and reminds me so much of that magical relationship with a canine friend.