Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Friday, August 9, 2019

College Bound Out Of The Nest

We walk at the edge,
on the road
of hopes and dreams,
the past holding the present
hand in hand.
The now reaching,
stretching to tomorrow.
Threads woven into a rich tapestry
of small moments magnified,
wisdom and simplicity,
our story,
our life.
Your wide eyes dancing as an infant,
your mischievous laughter as a toddler,
your defining steps as a man.
Loud noises quiet down in my head,
my sadness softens
from the expectations and desires
of all your tomorrows.
Tides and time go on,
they wait for no one. 
All I wish is for you to
soak it all in and
chase your dreams,
climb to meet them 
and create your vision.   
As you walk your path
you will never be alone.
Know that you are loved,
know that you are cherished. 


  1. A great adventure awaits you! Enjoy it for all its worth!!

  2. You have captured the journey of a new beginning. I like the shape of the poem. It looks like a man wearing a hat which is representative of change. May the journey be kind and adventurous while learning new ideas.

  3. Lovely poem of a shared journey well begun.

  4. What a heart felt poem - and such unconditional love displayed

  5. lovely and dear poem. wish i could write a piece like it! :*)

  6. Thank you for sharing your touching poem and your promising son with the world.

  7. So much love expressed in this lovely poem

  8. I wish this had been read at the graduation ceremony. What a beautiful way to express love and good wishes.

  9. A beautiful expression of every parent's feelings – which at the same time is so very personal.

  10. Beautiful. Parents all over can identify with this lovely poem. Me included!

  11. Congrats! And what a lovely way to commemorate this milestone. xo

  12. A cocktail of deep wisdom laced with hopes and dreams. Very inspiring!

  13. Everything you write is heart-felt, but this one particularly. xx