Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Carolina chickadee 
flew into the park
one brilliant morning.
The trees rejoiced,
their leaves swaying
to the autumn breeze.
I tasted a change coming
as my eyes softly
welcomed them 
with a smile.
I harbor memories
of long ago,
on a distant shore
of the caged small birds
feasting passionately
from a sugar bowl
oblivious to their circumstance. 
The bartender said
they were love birds
and they mate for life.
He poured rum into a tall glass
while sand brushed my toes.
I laughed,
I remember my innocence.
Youth and it's delicious
and painful blunders,
a lifetime ago.
I sigh,
it's my lifetime ago,
my wonder,
my thirst for life and love
that awakened my resolve.
My rebellion
my transformation from a girl into a woman,
a woman that would become a mother,
that loved fiercely. 
A woman that believed in dreams
and starting over.
A woman that wanted to touch
the sky
like a free bird.


  1. Sure grow through life and create our own lifetime

  2. Ayala,

    Can sense the transformation through your words. xo

  3. Ha, you might want to look at my haibun again. Smiles. Your commentwas 'beautiful memory,' but the main character was a little boy, and it was totally fiction.

    As for your poem here, ah....those youthful rebellions! Sometimes I do wonder if they are important...ways of becoming who we are meant to be. Ways of teaching us to touch the sky.

  4. Wonderful metaphoric poem, Ayala...and Happy Hanakah (sig) to you and your family.Sorry about the spelling. Light and peace.

    1. Thank you, Victoria. I appreciate your good wishes. Hugs.

  5. I like the reflections of your journey Ayala ~ Love the transformation of the woman who values love, courage and freedom ~

  6. To have that child inside... yes despite all the changes somehow that is where we can find the courage

  7. Lovely reflections of innocence and growth. Long may the child live within.
    Anna :o]

  8. A wonderful reflection on change, growth, freedom and personal responsibility. Much enjoyed.

    Steve K.

  9. This is beautiful. It sounds like the journey of a life well lived.

  10. I'm glad you/she wanted to live as a free bird. There's much about youth where we are so naïve and just go along without questioning.

    Lovely to see you here, Ayala!
    Gayle ~

  11. Free birds
    must stay
    to be free..
    is the best way
    i can describe
    my path back to freedom..
    Most animals live this way
    except for humans in all
    ways of so
    much we have
    now compared
    to any other time
    in history.. but the
    purpose and meaning
    that hungry means.. and
    to be clear.. this is just
    how the words
    make me
    i have no
    idea how it
    personally affects
    you.. my friend..:)