Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The angels watched

The church bells rang,
chords were played.
On your lips
and redemption.
Fine nectar must be tasted
and savored.
The angels watched me
even though I rebelled
and traveled roads less desired.
There was truth in chains
that held me down,
excavating my spirit,
making it soar high.
There was you,
you loved me well,
the way I desired.
You learned my secrets
and took possession of my soul.


  1. Whew. There is something rather potent in your words today. The excavating is no always gentle, but oh to soar. There is more than a little intimate heat in this too

  2. Very passionate voice Ayala ~ My initial thought was death ~

    Hope you are well ~

  3. Some kind of profound & dramatic transition in the poetic stew, spiced with some resignation & regret. I like the lines /there was truth in chins/that held me down/.

  4. I like how you share some elements of this relationship but also choose to withhold others.

  5. It is good to have an angel that watches over you...even in rebellious times. I do think angels understand a person's humanity.

  6. I would say that it's amazing how we can find our ways after being lost sometimes.. it can for sure be angels guiding us.

  7. We are cared for.

    I found I can access your site through your facebook page. Weird how when I click on your link it sends me to MY gmail account. I had tried through several other means.

  8. Your words invoke passion and undertones of rebellion. I liked the line "there is truth in chains that held me down" - it requires a keen sense of self to recognize this.