Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Your Books

I found your seeds of wisdom
where you buried them long ago
in my subconscious
 with seeds
of love that you gave me every time
our eyes met . 
I found your books ,
overflowing boxes 
and rooms
smelling like the old and the new
in a wonderful mixture 
of life.
Sober from the loss
I gave your books away
as if they were casual friends
we did not want to dine with.
I gave them away
and I felt empty.
You had extracted beauty
from their pages
while you were famished for knowledge.
They gave you the breath
of life,
and silenced your desires. 
multi faceted gems of light,
when you spoke 
I could see their brilliance. 
I sat in the dark room,
wishing I could wallpaper the
walls with the contents of art,
 philosophy and
sentences you strung with passion.
I sat hoping that I would catch a whisper,
 that I would hear your voice
calling .
when I closed my eyes,
I held your shirt
breathing in your faint scent.
I sat and waited
 feeling you closer
all along
the moon comforting me.

For my dad. May 10 will be six years since he has passed away. I miss him every day and I l will love him forever.


  1. he sounds like a wonderful man and i like how reading books shape and influence us and how that flows into our lives as well again... and i know that there's some nice comfort in the moon...smiles

  2. Such a lovely tribute to your dad.
    May his memory always be a blessing and I am sure it is from this touching poem you have written.

    Thank you for the kind words on my poem, it was about a dear friend that I lost a month ago.
    I miss her so much!

  3. would be cool to relive a bit of their life through their books...what a treasure...i have had a love of books passed on to me by my mom...and even my age 50 read his first book all the way through...

  4. So much loss here--and it feels so sharp still--this is such a beautiful write Ayala--so glad I stopped here today--hugs to you!

  5. A lovely & moving tribute to your father Ayala ~ He lives in your words and heart full of love ~

    Our prompt is still open until tomorrow if you like ~

  6. Be great to just wallpaper the wall with everything of them, great tribute indeed

  7. This is a really lovely poem, Ayala. A new favorite . Thanks. Karin-- manicddaily

  8. loss of parents is painful, but they live within us............

  9. Oh, Ayala. Lovely tribute. I know you miss him. ((Hugs))

  10. This was so beautiful, ayala. I have all my Dad's old books. Every time I pick one up to read, I'm reminded him of the gifts he gave me...of being inquisitive, reading profusely and questioning everything. :)

  11. I was very close to my grandfather; I kept a suitcase of his old letters, sketches & doodles. I while away some hours dipping into nostalgia with them; nice poem; thanks.

  12. Thoughtfully penned and a lovely tribute..sometimes in still moments we
    can feel the departed in our hearts.

  13. Goodness me, this resonated. Not long ago, after my dad passed in the summer, I cam across a book of poetry my mum gave to him just after I was born, when they were both very young. They divorced many, many years ago, but he still kept that book. It was complete coincidence that I came across that book, and I will always treasure it. But really, what our family and loved ones mean to us are how they make us feel when we think of them. I think that your beautiful poem speaks volumes.

    Wishing you long life.

  14. loss of parents very painful..your tribute to ur Dad is beautifully touching!! may ur Dad's soul be happy watching much love for him..GOD BLESS U :))

  15. ayala, I know how you feel. Small consolation when we lose someone who not only created us, but shaped us into who we are today. My father passed nearly 15 years ago. Sometimes I swear I hear his laugh...he had a fabulous sense of humor. I hope your day had some beautiful moments and memories tucked inside it.