Sun Kissed Days

Sun Kissed Days

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Andrea Bocelli-You speak to my soul

My soul wept while you sang,
my soul trembled 
as your voice lifted it higher. 
As you touched my core,
I was an infant,
I was a little girl running 
toward my father's arms,
I was a woman loved.
All the moments unfolded into one,
a thousand yesterdays and today,
interwoven into a beautiful tapestry of my life.
My soul trembled,
touching dark places
where now there is light,
reaching inside my spirit
to everything I ever was,
and all that I am.
Erase the past,
celebrate the past,
devastation replaced by triumph.
I wept as if I had wings,
lifting me over oceans and mountains
I have loved.
Completely captivated
in the moment,
yet I melted into 
a thousand mournful mornings,
of despair and loneliness,
of judgement and courage.
A thousand moments
engraved in my being.
A thousand tangos I have danced
while I stood still.
All the while,
my soul weeping,
the scars cracked,
open and bleeding.
My soul weeping with the grace
of knowing that the pages
are full,
that I have lived,
that I have loved,
that we are here
for a moment in time.
We blink and the
here and now 
are gone. 

I was inspired to write this after attending a concert of Andrea Bocelli. His voice went to my core and as you read the poem I wrote you will understand how I feel. I never felt so lifted to hear anyone in concert even though I have seen many talented performers that I love. This concert was like therapy to my soul. I am so grateful that I experienced this.  Please meet us here where we share our thoughts and our hearts.


  1. oh i bet it has such a power to touch our souls...and so deeply as well...and life is so fast...we need to stop and appreciate the moments before they are gone...

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  3. this is just so enchanting and soul touching:)

  4. Such magnificent words - I felt as I read a melting away and a forging happening simultaneously. So glad you had these moments! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. How wonderful when an artist can lift your spirit to such heights. I absolutely love your poem. It is so full of energy - your essence. I think it is so far my favorite of yours. You sound so inspired. Lovely.

  6. I love that his voice resonated with you, Ayala. Attending concerts are one of my favorite outings. With a good artist, the music, voice, and performance becomes one. I am so glad you experienced Bocelli's world.

  7. What a blessing and gift to hear him sing ~ From the videos, his song and passion shines through, also lifting my heart ~

    Happy OLN Ayala ~

  8. This is a beautiful poem! I like you described the way your soul was touched by Bocelli's voice. I can identify with the feelings that you were a little girl again as well as a loved grown-up woman.

  9. Sure sounds like he lifted you up up and away, great when artists can do that

  10. he is an awesome singer - and music can touch us in a way that just words never would...beautiful depth in this ayala

  11. Oh, this poem was written from your depths, Ayala. I really like the way you described your feelings after having listened to his music. These lines say so very much:

    "I wept as if I had wings,
    lifting me over oceans and mountains"

    Yes, oh yes, that makes the reader feel.

  12. Beautiful gift for your ears! What a talent and such a gifted voice has been bestowed on him for sure! Love your words Ayala so very much today!

  13. "Erase the past,
    celebrate the past"

    These two lines stood out to me because I often have this same argument with myself. A part of me wants to put my past behind me & dedicate all of my thoughts and energy toward the present and the future, but I've found that that isn't realistic at all. We can't ignore our past; we have to celebrate it as you said. We have to learn from it. Great poem, Ayala. Really makes the reader think & feel.

  14. Music can be like that... and how lucky you are to have hd the opportunity to see Andrea Bocelli!

  15. I love "Erase the past, celebrate the past"...yes...sounds like a wonderful experience you had :)

  16. Wow! He has some voice. Until now I could only imagine how it would feel to hear it in person. Now I know! Lucky you!

  17. This is such a paradox of soaring love and lonely crashing. A song can touch on a lifetime.

  18. You portrayed what you felt so beautifully.... Music, and life, such a rich tapestry filled with all the things you describe. Just lovely.

  19. He would be honored by your response to his signing!
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  20. Love how you were able to express your feelings after hearing his music. It is amazing. I love . . . a thousand yesterdays and today, interwoven into a beautiful tapestry of my life.

  21. Music can turn on one's feel for the arts immediately! You've certainly made the most of Andrea and your writing is just perfect. Thanks for sharing ayala!


  22. you are so lucky to be able t go to his concert... i love this voice.

  23. Music truly is powerful and inspirational ... very beautifully written :-)

  24. This is beautiful Ayala. So much of my writing is also inspired by music. ideas for my novels come to me while driving in my car listening to music. I found you on Aidan Donnelley Rowley's website. I too use social media to reach out to other writers and fans who would like my books. it is a powerful tool for communicating with people all the world. I am glad I found your blog.

  25. So much soul touching ... loved it ... a very very nice write ... Thanks :)

  26. I missed you last week, dear heart, but so glad tonight I didn't. He gets to me, too...and all your words encapsulated what I feel when I hear him too. But you say it better.


  27. Music has that effect and certain voices enhance that power. I felt your poem as if it'd been me at that concert. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  28. Sometimes music speak directly to you.. have never listened to Andrea ... but I had those feelings on a Sade concert... she spoke to me.

  29. Lovely and so honest to write of these things in such a direct way. Music certainly has a tremendous power to move us. K.

  30. Ps this is me, Karin, manicddaily . Thanks for your kind visits. K.